The Truth; The Fiction

by Hondo Maclean

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'The Truth; The Fiction'
Hondo Maclean

12" available here:

1. Sweet Prince
2. The Buck Stops Here, Mr. Rogers
3. We are the Future
4. Say Goodbye and Go
5. Baby's Got the Blues
6. Rockets
7. Rockets in Reverse
8. Dogs
9. Above and Beyond
10. Do as I Say
11. Bones

Half Blue/Half Clear - Limited to 100
Clear - Limited to 200


released September 17, 2014

Ben Woosnam - Vocals
Gavin Burrough - Guitars / Vocals
Gavin Phillips - Guitars
Richard Boucher - Bass
Jake Thomas - Drums
Andy Davies - Keyboards / Vocals
All songs written by Hondo Maclean.
Produced and Engineered by Neak Mentor and John Mitchell.
Mixed by Neak Mentor.
Mastering by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House, Southampton. Artwork, design and layout by Sophie Evans & Dan Hughes.



all rights reserved


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A small independent label run by three friends.

South Wales, UK

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Track Name: Sweet Prince
I saw the lady down by the lake, she washed me with kisses and told me not to fake it when she smiled and I smiled back, when she smiled and I smiled back.
I’ve got the blues/I’m hungover over you. Blood runs cold like the rivers of her hair.
“Take a tablet, dry your clothes on the stair, take a pill with me”, she said, “don’t be square, but, sugar, it’s better not to rush when you’re mixing flavours as sweet as ours.”
We aim to please the beggars and the thieves.
Cry me to sleep and run like a river before we creep into our shells of walls and walls and walls...
Track Name: The Buck Stops Here, Mr. Rogers
This is the latest craze, broken hearts on dirty sleeves in open caskets, so let’s hold hands and slow dance, if romance is such a dirty word, such a dirty word in this town.
Take our bodies at the door, you’re often inclined to sell yourself for one more.
The buck stops here, so fuck you, dear, here’s a reminder of what has become of us, until the disco ball exposes every curve you stole.
They take our, our bodies at the door and seal the exits, we’re coiled by the rapture, the throes of canned laughter.
Track Name: We are the Future
I want to celebrate this, wet the baby...wet the baby’s head.
Tickle me pink, you’re such a heart-breaker; hip-shaker, make a move. Here’s a thought worth comprehending, do you believe in creating your own destiny?
Strapped in red leather, keep your feathers to yourself, lift the scalpel off my chest, this is almost hilarious.
Tickle me pink, you’re such a shoe-gazer; hell-raiser, don’t you entertain the notion, all cat, no claws you’re the truth, you’re the fiction, juxtaposed at opposite ends.
We are the past; we are each other, we are the world; we are the future.
Keep your feathers to yourself, lift the scalpel off my chest.
Track Name: Say Goodbye and Go
We were on the verge of saying something, “breaking down the boundaries”, another portrait eroded on the cliff face.
I’ve got you ringing in my ear, your words stick like glue, is this the chorus you sang beneath your breath? Say goodbye and go.
Metaphors have lost all meaning, fake another song for me, another portrait eroded on the cliff face.
The waves are beckoning to saturate our roots in whisper, say goodbye and go.
Another portrait eroded on the cliff face, say goodbye and go.
Track Name: Baby's Got the Blues
Kiss cracked lips, your wounds are weeping, it’s late in December and I can’t recall anything we said alone, has this changed the way you’re sleeping? We shake, we shiver, we’ve broken every rule.
Wrapped up in words, couldn’t make a sound, thought I heard your voice, but I blacked out.
Shut your mouth, take your time, no-one’s getting out of here alive, sing a little softer, speak a little quieter.
If this is forever, there’s nothing left to say, I’ll say it anyway, if this is forever there’s nothing more to lose, baby’s got the blues.
Track Name: Rockets
Track Name: Rockets in Reverse
So now you’re imploding, spin me around again and again in every direction at once, until I hit the ground.
Pull me back from these borders, I’m the blur, I’m the whisper, whisper in the corner.
Some take the stairway, others take the fall, you are the ocean, I am just a fool.
Pull me back from these borders, I’m out of focus and out of order.
Bullet-proof and airtight we fly across the night, airtight and bullet-proof nothing touches you.
Now you’re imploding like rockets in reverse.
Track Name: Dogs
Come on all you greedy hounds, let’s make our way to the breeding ground, we’ll shake our tails when we hit this town tonight.
Always first to the bar, you yell your orders, so quick to quench your thirst in holy water, your pocket’s empty when respects are paid, lean our weight on this world.
Pour you heart into a glass, drink up, drink up and wash it all away, I swallowed my fear the wrong way.
Come on all you greedy hounds, let’s make our way to the breeding ground, we’ll shake our tails when we hit this town tonight, AGAIN!!
Track Name: Above and Beyond
The friction between us generates heat, does it sweep you off your feet? The sideways glances and backward dances, the sound of footsteps that follow you home.
You were always above and beyond this and now you’re here at the very heart of it, watching your parade go by.
We watched through satellites and cats-eyes, drifting through the night and bring back these memories of faces I have never seen and places I have never been before.
Calling sender, calling sender, do we march alone together? Clutching every word to your swelling chest,
calling sender, calling, I think it’s time that you delivered, this version of your youth takes one last breath.
Track Name: Do as I Say
Woke up from a bad dream, let’s start over on a blank page.
Your imitations are limited, your mannerisms are almost militant, do as I say, not as I do.
You don’t have to prove a fucking thing to me, I hate you anyway.
Let’s start over again.
Do as I say, not as I do, you can’t have us, we don’t want you.
Track Name: Bones
It’s the one thing you never learn.
Under the surface we buried the queen, buried with me. Say something...something more, just say something that you don’t mean, you are forgiven and lighter than air.
It’s what you know, what you’re told, we break the promises, we stage the accidents, we know the casualties are minimal and large.
Under the surface we buried our bones, etches in stone. Say something...something more.
It’s what you know, what you’re told, we traced the characters, reside in lovers that we lost, a sacrifice of what we used to know.
Say something...anything...everything... BONES!!